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Buck Compton

Members of the security forces of Camp Humphries Tyler Fairchild (SRA) (L) and Michael Pendleton (R) (SRA) and veterans Buck Compton (2nd L) and Don Malarkey stand near the perimeter fence in Camp Humphries, south of Seoul February 15, 2006. Cast members from the HBO series "Band of Brothers" and the veterans, who inspired the best-selling book and cable miniseries, will join for a ten-day USO/Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) tour to the Pacific from February 7 to 16. REUTERS/Dave Gatley/U.S. Armed Forces Handout

'Band of Brothers' soldier dies at 90

Lynn D. "Buck" Compton, a veteran whose World War II exploits were depicted in the HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers," died on Feb. 25 in Burlington, Wash., after having a heart attack the previous month.