Photos Reveal What Crossbones Will Look Like in Captain America Civil War

Captain America: Civil War filming is under way and photos from the shoot have already surfaced on the net. Just Jared had some set photos from the film and we finally get to see what Crossbones looks like for next year's release.

While there's no where that says this is actually Crossbones, who else would have an outfit like that? The costume fits well into the cinematic universe and is a pretty cool adaptation from comic to film.

Next up is some Sam Wilson shots.

Falcon gets an update to his costume as well. There's a lot of red in the new costume. We also get an action shot where Falcon is flying, sans wings.

Finally, here's a few Captain America pictures, including a couple action shots.

There's a lot of detail in Captain America's suit this go around, and we also get an action sequence with Rogers rolling around on the top of a car.

What do you think of the new looks for these characters? There's also a lot more pictures on Just Jared.

Captain America: Civil War opens up on May 6, 2016.

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