Photos of Nokia's first Windows Phone Mango handsets leaked

Andrew Couts
Photos of Nokia's first Windows Phone Mango handsets leaked

Just hours before Nokia is set to unveil the first of its handsets powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 Mango operating system, photos of two devices have apparently broken free and found their way online.

Tech blog WinRumors has received images that show two new Windows Phone handsets from Nokia, the Lumina 800 and the Lumina 710. The photos show what appears to be a screen with images of the two devices, as well as a few specs about each of the devices.

The Lumina 800, previously known as “Sea Ray,” is modeled after the Nokia N9, and appears to look nearly identical to that device. The Lumina 710, also known as the Sabre, has a more rounded design than the Lumina 800.

Here are the specs we can see from the images:

Lumina 800:

Dimensions: 116.5×61.2×12.1mm

Weight (with battery): 142g

RAM: 512MB

No microSD slot

Idle time 390hrs (on 2G GSMA), 380 hrs (on 3G GMS)

Talk time: 5 hrs (on 3G GSM)

Music playback time: 50 hrs

Lumina 710:

Dimensions: 119×62.4×12.5mm

8GB internal storage

no microSD slot

(The other details on the image are too blurry to read.)

So there you have it. Seeing as neither of these devices have yet been confirmed by Nokia – though we predict they will be tomorrow morning at Nokia’s big launch event – we’re not going to get too much into speculation about how these devices will fare when compared to the latest Android and Apple handsets. There will be plenty of time for that after tomorrow’s big unveiling, so stay tuned.

Check out more photos at WinRumors.

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