PHOTOS: Kindergarten bound: Marietta kids celebrate first school milestone

May 11—MARIETTA — They shuffled onto the basketball court in their robes, waving to parents and jumping with joy.

No, it was not a high school graduation, but the "Kindergarten Bound" ceremony for 130 students at the Emily Lembeck Early Learning Center in Marietta Thursday morning.

The center is a pre-K school for students living in the Marietta City Schools district.

Proud parents gathered with balloons, gifts and cameras at the ready for their children, who sang a pair of songs and each got a certificate from and picture with Marietta Superintendent Grant Rivera to mark the end of their pre-school careers.

"These were four-year-olds who came from around the city of Marietta who may have had their first introduction to formal school and this building, this community, these people came together as family," Rivera said.

Christine Ramirez, director of the learning center, said all students from the school's five pre-K and two special needs classrooms were celebrated Thursday.

"What we want is this experience to be so special that in 13 years, they'll have the same experience, but it'll be at Northcutt Stadium," Ramirez said.