Photos: Schools close, accidents mount as winter storm slams south-central US

The first month of 2019 kicked off with a winter storm across the south-central United States, unleashing disruptive snow and ice across the region.

Snow accumulations between 3 and 6 inches were common across west-central Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle from late Wednesday to Thursday night. Sleet and freezing rain also left a glaze of ice in parts of central Oklahoma.

At least four fatalities were reported due to accidents on roadways in Oklahoma, the Associated Press reported. In addition, a police officer was injured in a collision on Interstate 44 near Tulsa.

The wintry weather caused widespread travel disruptions across the region, contributing to accidents on major highways during the Wednesday evening commute and through much of Thursday.

Winter storms delivers ice, snow to south-central US

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Polar air clashed with a storm emerging out of the southwestern U.S., resulting in snow and ice across the southern Plains, according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Bob Smerbeck.

Even though the winter storm will depart the south-central US on Friday, power outages and travel disruptions may persist into the weekend as crews work to clear roads and repair downed power lines.

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