Photographer Captures How Differently People Live in Identical Apartments

When you live in an apartment building, it’s hard not to wonder what goes on beyond the walls you share with others. Romanian photographer Bogdan Gîrbovan decided to find out how residents below his 10th-story Bucharest apartment inhabited their space.

In his series, titled 10/1, Gîrbovan captures each room and its occupants from the exact same angle.

The building, which was constructed in 1966, contains 10 one-bedroom apartments. Gîrbovan told My Modern Met that the rooms are “mere boxes” containing residents’ basic needs and “have absolutely no sense of beauty.”

The inhabitants, on the other hand, range in age, class, and personal style. While some have owned their apartment since the building’s beginnings, others are temporary tenants who have come and gone as they pleased. Only one apartment is uninhabited, though still furnished.

According to Vice, Gîrbovan started the project after meeting his ninth-floor neighbor for the first time. She asked for his help fixing her door, and he was amazed at how differently they occupied an identical space. Gradually, he worked his way to each floor — some people taking more coaxing than others, as he surprisingly found the younger tenants more skeptical.

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