Photo Collage Maker review staff

Although it gives you a lot of options, Photo Collage Maker manages to remain easy to use, helping you create a beautiful collage in just a few minutes and then save it on your device or share it online. This is one of the richest and most usable collaging apps for Android.


Highly customizable: With Photo Collage Maker you have hundreds of layouts, stickers, fonts, backgrounds, and filters to choose from. Additionally, you can create your own freeform layouts or search the Web through the built-in browser for more stickers or fonts. This wealth of options makes every new collage unique.

Straightforward and easy to use: Manipulating images and cropping or applying filters to them feels like a piece of cake, and the whole collage-creation process proves to be both speedy and effortless, in spite of the extensive customizations available.

Unlimited images: Unlike other collage makers that limit the number of images you can use based on the layout, this one lets you add as many as you please.


Ads: While not as obtrusive as in other apps, the ads are a constant feature of Photo Collage Maker, appearing as both large, persistent banners and fullscreen offers.

Lacks image editing options: You can only crop an image, add a border to it, change its orientation, and apply filters. Other similar apps offer more advanced image editing tools.

Bottom Line

Photo Collage Maker possesses all the features a good collaging app needs and more customization options than most of its competitors. It's accessible, fast, and can create really beautiful collages, though not all of its backgrounds and stickers are great. Whether you want to create a quick collage with just three or four photos or a sophisticated one with a dozen images, this app is a good choice, though you must put up with the ads.

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