Phoenix to experience much-needed wave of coolness after relentless summer

Following a grueling summer of extreme heat in Phoenix, marked by record-breaking temperatures in both highs and lows, the city and the entire state of Arizona were expected to cool off this week.

The remainder of the week in metro Phoenix should still see warm temperatures, although it was going to gradually cool down as the weekend approached. The National Weather Service predicted the low temperatures will drop into the 60s after this week and high temperatures will consistently remain below 90 degrees.

On Thursday, the high was expected to reach 104 degrees and cool off to 101 on Friday.

By Saturday, temperatures were expected to fall below the 100-degree mark with a high of 96. The low temperatures throughout the week were forecast from the mid- to low 70s.

However, Saturday was expected to be quite windy, with wind gusts exceeding 30-40 mph in various areas. Some localized regions in Imperial County and parts of the southern Gila County high terrain were forecast to experience gusts ranging from 40-50 mph, according to the weather service.

Sunday, the weather service forecast a high of only 86, a 10-degree drop-off from the day prior, and a low of 66.

The summer's dry conditions were expected to persist this week, as the weather service forecast no chance of rain throughout the week, with most days being sunny.

Chilly conditions expected in Flagstaff

Flagstaff was also forecast to have substantial drops in temperature by the start of next week.

On Thursday, the high temperature was expected to reach 75 degrees, followed by a high of 73 on Friday. However, the temperature was expected to drop to 68 on Saturday. Throughout this period, each day will have low temperatures in the low 40s and high 30s. Saturday was anticipated to be particularly windy, with southwest winds ranging from 25-35 mph and the potential for gusts as high as 50 mph, according to weather service.

On Sunday, the weather was expected to turn cooler, with a high of 60 degrees and a low of 36. Windy conditions were expected, with gusts reaching up to 44 mph. Although there wasn't much moisture expected, there was a 10-20% chance of showers across the Kaibab Plateau on both Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday and Tuesday, there was the potential for a widespread freeze in the higher terrain. The winds were expected to calm, and temperatures were expected to gradually rise throughout the week. By Tuesday, the high was expected to reach 65 degrees, while the low was forecast to remain around 36 through Wednesday, according to the weather service.

Tucson high temperatures forecast to drop below 90s next week

Tucson was expected to reach a high of 100 degrees on Thursday, which could potentially be the last 100-degree day of the summer in the area. As the weekend approaches, temperatures will gradually decrease, according to the weather service.

Friday and Saturday were expected to have highs above 96 degrees and lows below 68 degrees. However, on Sunday, the high was predicted to drop to 89 degrees and the low reach 58 degrees.

Following this, temperatures were expected to remain relatively steady, with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all expected to have highs in the high 80s and lows in the low 60s.

This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: Phoenix to have large temperature drops as fall appraoches