Pete Davidson And Chase Sui Wonders Have Reached The Point In Their Relationship Where They're Getting A Dog Together

 Chase Sui Wonders and Pete Davidson in Bodies Bodies Bodies
Chase Sui Wonders and Pete Davidson in Bodies Bodies Bodies

Pete Davidson continues to come up on The Kardashians — in conversation anyway — as Kim Kardashian hasn’t dated anyone since her breakup with the Bupkis star last fall. Meanwhile, Davidson seems to have fully moved on, and things appear to be going pretty well, both personally and professionally. The Saturday Night Live alum may be the MVP of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts when it hits theaters June 9, and he might have just taken a big step in his relationship with rumored girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders by getting a dog with her.

The Bodies Bodies Bodies co-stars were caught on video picking up a new pup from a Manhattan pet store, TMZ reports, so it seems this low-key couple might have just made a huge long-term commitment. Citipups shared footage from May 21 of Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders at the pet shop picking up a 2.5-month-old male Cavapoo, which is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.

Pete Davidson had apparently been in touch with Citipups after seeing a photo of the Cavapoo, which reportedly had no name at the time the actors took him home. He and his rumored girlfriend reportedly fell in love with the puppy when they met him at the store and took him home that day.

While it’s unclear if the dog technically belongs to both of them or just to Pete Davidson, the big smile on Chase Sui Wonders’ face as she wrapped her arms around the comedian’s neck in the video told me everything I needed to know about her feelings toward the new addition to the family, and about the nature of their relationship.

The actors, who also appear together on Bupkis, have been connected since December, after Pete Davidson’s brief situationship with Emily Ratajkowski. While the couple hasn’t been shy about being seen together in public and even engaging in some PDA, they have yet to officially confirm their relationship, even avoiding taking photos together at the red carpet premiere of Davidson’s semi-autobiographical TV series.

As for the dog, it’s not a huge surprise that Pete Davidson was in the market for a new friend of the four-legged variety. Early in May he released a statement through longtime friend Dave Sirus that his beloved pooch Henry had died at just 2 years old after getting “very sick very fast.” Henry was apparently a pandemic purchase for him, his mom and sister, and the actor said the dog “saved our lives.” You can see his heartbreaking post below:

Pete Davidson credited Henry with reminding him what actually matters, saying he doesn’t know if he’d still be around if he hadn’t been a part of their lives. Kim Kardashian talked about Davidson on The Kardashians Season 3, in reference to what he endured from her now-ex-husband Kanye West during their nine-month relationship. One would have to imagine those struggles were part of what the actor went through when he still had Henry.

Now, however, he’s started a new chapter, and hopefully the Meet Cute actor and Chase Sui Wonders are making lots of happy memories with their furry new friend. You can see the rumored couple (sans puppy) on Bupkis, which is available to stream with a Peacock subscription, and be sure to check out our 2023 TV schedule for all of the upcoming premieres.