Pet zebra shot and killed by owner in Florida after escaping

A man has shot and killed his pet zebra after it escaped from his ranch in Callahan, a town in Florida.

The animal, reportedly named Shadow, broke free from Cottonwood Ranch and ran down a main road, chased by several vehicles.

Witnesses said the zebra was eventually cornered in a cul-de-sac around two miles from the ranch, where the owner shot and killed it.

Bill Leeper, the local sheriff, said he understood that Shadow was injured during the escape and that the owner chose to euthanise the zebra while police officers were at the scene.

Witnesses told WJXT-TV that the animal did not appear injured but the decision was made to kill it so that it could not hurt anyone.

“I had to stop and think a minute,” Jenee Watkins told the news outlet.

“It’s not every day you see a zebra trotting through your neighbourhood.”

Officials have confirmed that the owner did not have a valid license to keep a zebra on his ranch.

A state permit is required to own and keep a zebra in Florida.

It is unclear whether he will face charges over the lack of permit.

Officials said the investigation into the animal’s escape and death was ongoing.