Peruvian archeologists discover pre-Inca era graves

STORY: Peruvian archeologists have found

30 graves from the pre-Inca era

Locator: Huaral, Peru

The burial bundles from the Chancay culture

were found in a cemetery in a valley north of Lima

The graves belonged to

people with different social status

(Pieter Van Dalen, Archeologist, University of San Marcos)

“The graves we’re finding in these excavations belong to the year A.D. 1000 up to 1440. We’re discovering these graves are very important because they allow us to know more about this culture that has been investigated just a little. In the last 10 years, we’ve discovered more than 2,000 tombs in different cemeteries of the Chancay culture.”

The Chancay were a

pre-Columbian civilization

that developed between valleys

on the central coast of Peru

from about 1000 to 1470