Perry Author Bummed That Perry Ran Terrible Campaign

It may be hard to remember, but Rick Perry's candidacy once seemed very promising to a lot of people, and book publishers jumped aboard the handsome cowboy/Bush II bandwagon--only to get off the second that everything got derailed. Unsurprisingly, this left a few writers penning  "Perry might be our next president"-timed books in the lurch, and today, one of those authors, a Democrat, Jason Stanford, humorously lamented in the Texas Tribune about his turn of fortunes, and why he obviously feels conflicted.

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If only his poll numbers didn't collapse! We may have been stuck with Perry as our president, but Stanford wouldn't have lost his book deal for  Adios, Mofo: Why Rick Perry Will Make America Miss George W. Bush :

He's run such a bad campaign that we lost our book deal. .... People are reading Adios, Mofo and enjoying it, but its ultimate prospects are tied to Perry’s fortunes. That is, they stink. It’s selling well on Kindle, the e-book version of your band being big in Belgium. If Perry makes a comeback in Iowa, Adios, Mofo will be a different story, putting this Democrat in the horrible position of profiting from his potential success.

Stanford is only one of the many Perry authors that we noted a little over a week ago have lost their deals because the candidate they were writing about as our possible next president couldn't remember a three-item list. R.G. Ratcliffe, a former Star-Telegram reporter and Steve McVicker, author of I Love You, Philip Morris, had interest dissipate in book deals recently too, reported The Star-Telegram. But, that's seems like risk that one takes when pitching "he's a contender" biographies.

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"Soon I’ll hope to be able to watch The Daily Show and not feel a pang about what might have been," Stanford wrote near the end of the the Tribune article, referencing the comedian who once  had a reoccurring segment about Perry really being our next president, but ended up pivoting quite nicely when things didn't turn out well for the Texas governor.