Performance Enhancers Could Always Trump Detection

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“I’m sick and tired of A-Rod and all of this stuff, let’s play the game. But we can’t play the game until we come to some kind of resolution as to how we deal with PEDs (Performance-Enhancing Drugs) and steroids.”

Veteran sportswriter and journalism professor Justice B. Hill on August 1st at the annual meeting of the National Association of Black Journalists in Orlando. But that resolution won’t be easy.

“The science will always stay ahead of the detection. I did an interview recently with a bioethicist from Case Western Reserve University. And one of the things he advocates is, let players use whatever they want to under a doctor’s supervision. Because he understands—I did a piece years ago where I was talking to one of the foremost authorities on PEDs, and one of the things he said was we’re going to get into gene cloning.

“The sophistication of the technology is going to make this detection game even more dicey in the years to come. And I think baseball, the union, all of them are tired of the discussion of steroids. They want to get back to the playing of the game. And that’s a huge issue for those of us who love baseball.”

Steve Mirsky

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