People scared after hearing gunfire in their neighborhood Monday morning

People are scared after they heard gunfire in their neighborhood Monday morning.

They told News Center 7 they saw a panicked woman running down the street.

One neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous moved to this neighborhood in January, but he didn’t know it would be like this.

“I was laying in my bed heard five shots, got up to see what it was, and then I seen him run across the street with what looked like a nine millimeter with a 50-round clip in it,” The neighbor said.

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He said he saw a shooter chasing someone down Pointview Road. What shocked him the most was what he heard when the suspect fired again.

“He was chasing her and then said I’m at your neck,” the neighbor said.

He told News Center 7′s Malik Patterson that the shooter shot 6 more shots at her before she ran off. He said he heard a total of 11 to 12 shots.

Eight police cruisers responded to Pointview Ave. Officers brought a metal detector and a police K-9 and were searching for bullet casings.

911 calls obtained by News Center 7 detailed what a postal worker on the street witnessed.

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“Black female with all black she ran past me while I just said I’m a mail carrier,” the postal worker told dispatchers in a 911 call.

On the call, he said he almost became a victim.

“She got to the back of the car and turned back around to run back past me. And he started firing at her. Right right past me,” the postal worker said.

The neighbor who spoke to News Center 7′s Malik Patterson said he’s glad it wasn’t during the weekend.

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“Thank God it wasn’t Sunday because yesterday all my kids was out here we got five of them,” the neighbor said.

He believes the shooter and the victim are teenagers.

“Should be in school instead of shooting guns,” the neighbor said.

When News Center 7 reached out to the Dayton Police Department for additional information, no one was able to speak to us in person.

We are working to find out if the police have made an arrest in this investigation and will update you once we learn more.