People donate $2,000 to waitress left rude note and zero tip by customer

<p>A photo of the bill received by a waitress at The Glenbrook Brewery in Michigan</p> (Jamie Lauren/Facebook)

A photo of the bill received by a waitress at The Glenbrook Brewery in Michigan

(Jamie Lauren/Facebook)

A waitress who was left zero tip and told she “gets screwed” over the Covid-related restrictions at a New Jersey restaurant has received nearly $2,000 ($1,450) in funds.

Support for the server from The Glenbrook Brewery in Morristown – identified only as Beth – comes after a customer refused to tip her, and rudely complained about the restaurant, following a meal last Thursday.

Due to Covid, the state requires all restaurants to operate at a capacity of 50 per cent, forcing many to turn to allocated seating and timed slots to stay afloat.

The customer became “really irritated” when they were told by the waitress that the table was almost up, after an allocated slot of 90 minutes, USA Today reported.

Darren Cregan, the creative director for The Glenbrook, told the outlet that the customer refused to offer a tip for Beth, who is also a nursing student.

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A written note on the $86 (£62) bill added that the brewery should not "kick paying customers out after 90 mins”, and that the waitress “gets screwed on this”.

It came despite the Covid-relation restrictions being advertised before booking, and at the brewery, which opened in February, Heath Traver, the head brewer for Glenbrook, told USA Today.

A message on the front of the brewery’s website also reads: “DUE TO High demand Seating is limited to 90 MIN.”

Mr Traver said the rude complaint received a lot of attention on a Facebook page for local businesses and residents, and "all of a sudden it started snowballing”.

Jamie Lauren, who shared a photo of the bill with the rude complaint, wrote that it was “a reminder to be kind and respectful to your servers, we are all trying to do our best to ensure that you have a safe and good time while out.”

Beth has since received roughly $1,700 (£1,237) in donations from members of the Facebook group, the Morristown Stimulus Plan.

"We're thankful we have so much support from the community," Mr Traver said of the donations, and added that Beth wanted to "put the (money) back into the community”.