People Are Already Returning Their Apple Vision Pro Headsets

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Shocking news: some folks who cashed out the eye-watering $3,500 — before tax! — to purchase Apple's newly released Vision Pro are already showing some buyer's remorse.

As Business Insider reports, a tide of users who quickly snatched up Apple's expensive new face computer are returning the pricey headsets. Specific reasons for returning the devices vary, but across the board, it seems that many users just don't think the uncomfortable devices are worth the hefty price tag — yet, at least.

Too Clunky

As Insider notes, one of the most-cited cons to the Apple Pro is the headset's weight. The thing is heavy, and though Apple's attempted to offset the weight issue with what has to be the thickest head strap we've ever seen, the heft is a serious problem for users.

"Well after two days I am sad to report that I will be returning Apple Vision Pro," one disappointed Vision Pro buyer wrote in the r/VisionPro subreddit, noting that while the operating system itself is perfectly functional, the device "is very heavy and uncomfortable to wear and I cannot imagine using for any extended period of time."

A similar critique was echoed by technology YouTuber Farzad Mesbahi, who wrote in a lengthy X-formerly-Twitter post — notably titled "I'm returning my Apple Vision Pro" — that the device's clunkiness renders it too inconvenient for day-to-day computing needs.

"For a technology/productivity device, this is a non-starter for me," wrote Mesbahi. "Regardless of how comfortable I get Vision Pro to be on my head, it's still a hurdle."

To that end, Meshabi's review touches on another shared gripe among Vision Pro buyers: that while the device is extremely cool for some purposes — movie watching especially — there simply aren't that many use cases where the Pro offers a better experience than existing technologies like computers, tablets, and smartphones. And at a nearly $4k price point? It's much cheaper to hit the IMAX.

"Watching videos and photos were the best moment," another self-reported Pro-returner noted over at r/VisionPro. "But that's it."

Still, some Redditors did note much happier user experiences. And zooming out, most buyers — even those who returned the device — seemingly remain excited about the future of the tech despite any initial disappointment. After all, this is only gen-1 for the Vision Pro. Whether Apple can truly mainstream augmented reality remains to be seen, but rest assured, eager buyers will be waiting in the wings to test future iterations.

"I can't wait to see what Apple and Tim Cook up for Gen 2!" Mesbahi ended his X post.

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