Pentagon on Russian missile in Polish airspace: US ready to defend NATO territory

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

The Pentagon has said that the United States is ready to fulfil its obligations to defend NATO, including those related to Russian missile attacks that could threaten Poland.

Source: Sabrina Singh, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary, quoted by Ukrinform

Quote: "What I can tell you is that what this administration has said repeatedly is that we will defend every inch of NATO. Should a NATO ally be attacked, we certainly don't want to see that, but we will defend every inch of NATO."

Details: This was how Singh responded to a request to comment on Poland’s statement about the possibility of shooting down Russian missiles heading towards the Alliance.

At the same time, she also stressed that the US priority in this context continues to be providing Ukraine with the necessary weapons.

Quote: "Should we get a supplemental package from Congress, we are going to continue to arm Ukraine with what it needs on the battlefield as it continues to fight for its sovereign territory."


  • On 24 March at 04:23, Polish airspace was violated by a cruise missile launched from a long-range Russian warplane. The missile entered Polish airspace near the village of Oserdów in the Lublin Voivodeship and remained there for 39 seconds.

  • In connection with the incident, Poland announced its intention to summon the Russian ambassador to its Foreign Ministry and deliver a letter of protest.

  • Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski has stated that Poland will demand explanations from the Russian ambassador regarding the incident with the Russian missile violating Poland's airspace. However, Sikorski noted that it is unlikely that Russia will give any explanations.

  • Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, Poland’s Minister of National Defence, stated that Poland would have downed the Russian missile if there had been any signs that it was heading for a target on Polish territory.

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