Pentagon: First Bradley fighting vehicles to arrive in Ukraine in coming weeks

The first Bradley infantry fighting vehicles should arrive in Ukraine in the "relatively near future".

Source: Voice of America, citing a high-ranking Pentagon official, as reported by European Pravda

The official clarified that the timeframe in question is a few weeks.

Quote: "In the last announced weapons package, we focused on providing the Ukrainians with capabilities that they can use immediately to change the balance of forces on the battlefield," the Pentagon official added.

In the previous 2 military aid packages, the United States announced the transfer of 109 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, known as "tank killers", to Ukraine.

Thereafter, several weeks of training on these systems were organised for the Ukrainian military in Germany.

Speaking about the current situation on the battlefield in Ukraine, the senior Pentagon official added that after serious losses in Bakhmut, Russia is trying to strengthen its positions on the entire front line with tens of thousands of mobilised troops.

However, according to him, these soldiers are "poorly equipped, poorly trained, and they are hastily thrown onto the battlefield".

The Pentagon confirmed that despite Russian offensive efforts, the Ukrainian military continues to successfully maintain formation and defend Bakhmut.

Total US military aid to Kyiv since the start of the full-scale invasion of Russia in February 2022 already exceeds US$26.7 billion.

Background: This week, the United States will introduce additional sanctions against the Russian Wagner Group, which is helping the Russian military in the war in Ukraine.

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