Pentagon begins transition to Biden administration

The official managing the Pentagon's transition work with President-elect Joe Biden's landing team said that the first meeting was held virtually on Tuesday morning and that he expected daily meetings to come. (Nov. 24)

Video Transcript

TOM MUIR: The head of the Biden Harris transition team did reach out to me personally last night. We had a conversation via email. And we had our first meeting this morning between the Department of Defense and the Biden Harris transition team, what they called the agency review team, or the ART, the A-R-T. You'll hear that referred to often. This is a line both once again with the Presidential Transition Act, the White House and Biden Harris memorandum of understanding between those two organizations and DOD policy. We are aligned with our statutory requirements. We are executing our responsibilities under the Presidential Transition Act and our DOD policy. We're looking forward to continuing the process with the Biden transition team in the near future and throughout the transition period.

The first meeting today was by video teleconference, virtual. Good productive meeting as we laid out the ground rules. I can tell you that the team is willing and certainly able to abide by the COVID restrictions here in the Pentagon. They agree with the protection measures that we're doing for our families, our employees, ourselves, our colleagues, our comrades here in the Pentagon. They're looking forward to participating in discussions in the Pentagon.

JONATHAN HOFFMAN: I spoke with the chief of staff today, and he has assured me that Tom Muir is the lead on this and that he's going to be working with Tom. And Tom is going to be the one working with the team today. The chief of staff reached out to the agency review team lead today as well to provide his contact information, let that, if she needs anything, that she is welcome to reach out to him. His goal is to be the touchpoint for the Secretary and ensure the Secretary has insight into what's going on and to make sure that the transition is successful.