Pentagon assesses tactics of offensive of Ukrainian Armed Forces: They perform miracle, driving Russians into defence

The United States Department of Defenсe has assessed the tactics of the ongoing offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, pointing out outstanding results in a less-than-ideal situation.

Source: European Pravda with reference to Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, Pentagon spokesman

Details: Answering whether it was realistic to expect that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would be able to master the style of manoeuvre warfare in a short period of the exercises, the General said that he was not going to "stand on the podium and guess the actions of the commander of the Ukrainian army on the front line."

"Let's take a step back and admit that this is not an ideal situation. No one in their right mind would ever want Russia to invade Ukraine, but it did happen," Ryder added.

He says, "The Ukrainians, despite everything, were able to push the Russians back to defensive positions, which is a miracle, given the state of the Ukrainian army at the time of the Russian invasion."

"And you've seen a flood of support from all over the world to give them incredible and significant combat capabilities and training. Therefore, with all this in mind, I think it is important to look at it in perspective, in terms of the opportunities that they were able to develop and implement in a very short period," Ryder said.

"So (these are) outstanding results in a less-than-ideal situation. In the future, we will continue to consult with them and provide them with training so that they can regain their sovereign territory and eventually win this struggle," the General concluded.


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