Pennsylvania man wins $50,000 lottery prize in Maryland for a second time in 2 months

Most people aren’t lucky enough to win a $50,000 lottery prize, but a Pennsylvania man did it twice in a matter of weeks.

Both wins were in Maryland, where he purchased $20 scratch-offs while doing construction work, the state’s lottery said in a news release.

“I buy a ticket or two at least once a week, either at home or down here,” the winner said in the news release. “All my Lottery luck seems to be in Maryland, however.”

The man has taken home more than $1 million in lottery winnings from Maryland over the last decade, the lottery said in the news release.

Despite his recent prize of $50,000, he was surprised to win again. Of the three scratch-off tickets he purchased at a Highs store in Upperco, Maryland, the third one he scanned was the golden ticket.

“I was about to drop the third – the $50,000 Cash ticket – into the can when I saw the message on the scanner,” he said in the new release. “I thought maybe I’d won $5,000. Having won the game’s top prize just last month, there wasn’t the tiniest sliver of a thought that it’d be $50,000.”

The man plans to add the winnings to his savings, according to the lottery.

Earlier this year, a Maryland man won a $30,000 prize and another $50,000 in two months. In March, another man from Maryland won $50,000, marking his second win after $100,000 won in 2015.

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