Pennsylvania Army National Guard arrives at Steelton-Highspire school in Black Hawk helicopter

(WHTM)– Special guests arrived by air at Steelton-Highspire on Monday.

Members of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard landed at the high school in a Black Hawk helicopter.

Students got the chance to step into the chopper, check out the equipment and ask guard members about what it takes to become a pilot.

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Some were amazed by the chopper.

“It was unreal,” senior LaDrew Stewart said. “Never seen that real, seen it in a game. Video games Call of Duty and GTA.”

“It was amazing, it’s like, there’s so many gages and so many things like crazy, you can see where they control it and move it, how they operate it,” Junior Isaiah Garfield said.

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“Them giving us access to learn some things, like get comfortable giving us the experience because you never know, maybe we’ll decide to go into the army , good experience honest, it feels like we’re close to them somewhat,” Junior Samoya Thomas said.

“So a lot of questions we get, ‘how long’ve been in, how long you’ve been doing this, how long does it take to learn how to fly this,'” Paul Hock of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard said.

And the answer; Two years to become a chopper pilot.

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