Paul Ryan’s SOTU ‘poker face’ mocked on Twitter


President Obama waves goodbye after giving his final State of the Union on Tuesday. (Photo: Susan Walsh/AP)

Hours before taking his seat behind President Barack Obama for the State of the Union address, House Speaker Paul Ryan said he was planning on practicing his “poker face.”

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“I probably should practice in the mirror,” Ryan, who was elected as speaker in October, said Monday on MSNBC. “I need to get the whole poker-face thing down. I need to be real stoic.”

He wasn’t kidding.

Ryan’s face during Obama’s speech became a topic of conversation on Twitter, where many noted the Wisconsin Republican’s expressionless, often pained stare.

Ryan’s refusal to applaud even the least partisan of Obama’s proposals did not go unnoticed.

Obama did manage to solicit a semi-laugh out of the 2012 GOP vice presidential nominee.

It wasn’t long before Ryan’s reaction became a meme of its own.