Paul McCartney Released An Alternate Version Of "Say Say Say" With Unreleased Michael Jackson Vocals

Paul McCartney drops a video for an alternate version of his Michael Jackson collaboration "Say Say Say."

As Billboard points out, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson's hit collaboration "Say Say Say" was released 32 years ago this month. The track was originally featured on McCartney's 1983 release Pipes of Peace, a follow-up to a previous collaboration that appeared on Jackson's Thriller. Now, all these years later, McCartney has shared an alternate version of that original "Say Say Say" recording that thrillingly features new MJ vocals. McCartney packaged the new version, dubbed a "2015 Remix," with an updated video he posted on Facebook earlier today. The song, which finds McCartney and Jackson's vocal parts swapped when compared to the original, appears on a new reissue of Pipes of Peace.

Watch the new "Say Say Say" video above and the original below.

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