Patch of Sky: the lamps which reflect the weather outside

AFP Relax News

There's nothing worse than being stuck indoors and wanting to enjoy the weather outside, but a new lamp brings the outside world in.

"Patch of Sky" is a series of three connected lamps which link up to your Facebook profile, assess the local weather conditions and replicate them through colored lights.

They do this by classifying meteorological phenomena into 11 common weather conditions, each of them corresponding to a colored light animation which is displayed on the lamp.

Designed to be used long-distance to describe the weather conditions to friends or family far away, the project was created by Italian communications research institute Fabrica.

Each of the mirrored lamps is named after an Egyptian weather god -- Amun, meaning ‘God of wind'; Set, meaning ‘God of storms;' and Tefnut meaning ‘Goddess of rain'.

The designs can either be hung on the wall or used as desktop accessories.

The lamps are currently in the prototype stage.