Passover's OK for Weed Smoking Because of Its "Healing" Scent, Says Extremely Chill Rabbi

Andrew Leung

When Passover starts Friday at sundown, feel free to light up! A high-ranking (and apparently super cool) rabbi says marijuana consumption during Passover is totally kusher kosher — but only if you actually need it for medical reasons.

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According to the Independent, Ashkenazi Jews typically categorize marijuana as a "kitniyot," a group of grains (like rice) and legumes (like lentils and peas) whose consumption during Passover is strictly verboten.

Passover's OK for Weed Smoking Because of Its
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However, the Times of Israel reported Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, one of the leading ultra-Orthodox halachic authorities, recently gave his blessing for Jews of any background to eat or smoke marijuana during the eight-day holiday if it is medically necessary.

Part of the reason for this leeway is the fragrance of marijuana, which Kanievsky and a second leading Orthodox authority, Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein, deemed as "healing," the Times of Israel reported.

For the record, healing scent or not: It seems that recreational marijuana consumption is still off-limits.

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