Passengers cheer as airlines drop mask mandate after federal judge’s ruling

A federal judge’s decision to strike down the national mask mandate for planes and other forms of public transportation on Monday led some passengers to cheer and ditch their masks once flight crews made the announcement.

Video Transcript

- And I just checked with the company. And the company position is-- the Delta position is masks will be optional this evening for all crew and passengers as well. So it is cause for celebration. But for those who want to wear masks, please--

- Let's go.

- --feel free to, but it is optional. And that way we can alleviate any stress in this country. Thank you very much.

- That mask mandate is gone. Masks are no longer required in airplanes, trains, buses, or any other public transportation. So enjoy.

- On our Delta hub, it says masks now optional for employees, customers, following White House [INAUDIBLE].