Party faithful: Inside look at the California GOP convention

Hundreds of protesters surrounded the Hyatt Regency in a normally sleepy suburb of San Francisco. Some even attempted to charge through police barricades into the lobby. The source of their frustration: Donald Trump. He visited the Hyatt to address this year’s California Republican convention, which marks the unofficial kickoff of a remarkably consequential primary.

On June 7, California Republicans go to the polls in the biggest contest of the campaign. It is not just 172 delegates in play; at stake is whether Trump will go to his party’s national convention with the nomination in hand — or brace for a major fight. That contest begins even sooner than election day because a majority of Republicans will vote by mail, and those mail-in ballots go out starting May 9.

Inside the hotel were party activists of all stripes, from Senate hopefuls to tea party insurgents to representatives of conservative interest groups. They held a diversity of views on the issues and the presidential candidates. Yahoo News spoke with several of the convention attendees to learn more about their views on the Trump disruption: whether they support his candidacy, how they will vote if their pick fails to win the nomination and where they stand on two of Trump’s core campaign pledges — building a wall on the southern border and banning noncitizen Muslims from entering this country.