Park up nearly 8 per cent, year to date, with more than 9 million visits

The Associated Press
Associated Press

GATLINBURG, Tenn. - Visits to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are up by nearly 8 per cent over last year for the year to date.

Park spokeswoman Molly Schroer said November visits to the 500,000-acre park on the Tennessee-North Carolina border totalled 657,935 people. That was up 8.6 per cent from November 2011.

After revising October's figures, which were slightly ahead of the same month last year, year-to-date visits to the Smokies through November totalled 9,204,736 people. That's up 7.8 per cent from January through November 2011.

October is a big month for visits because of the fall foliage. The revised figure for that month is 1,133,604.