The Paris Jackson Suicide Story Is Sad, and That's That

Richard Lawson
The Paris Jackson Suicide Story Is Sad, and That's That

Well, the horrible (and unavoidable, if you pay any attention to such things) news today is that Paris Jackson, the 15-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson, has been rushed to the hospital following what appears to be a suicide attempt. The news was first reported by TMZ, who were, sigh, also the first to report her father's death in 2009.

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In an update on the initial Paris Jackson post, TMZ says that this was not Jackson's first such attempt, though this time it was "far more serious." So, that's terrible. Of course people are now sifting through Jackson's tweets, trying to see if there was any warning or indication, though from a brief scan they appear to be pretty regular 15-year-old girl stuff — albeit tweeted out to her over a million followers.

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In another update, TMZ examines photos of Jackson's arms to look for cuts, which they've found. Maybe. It's hard to tell definitively. The point is that a bunch of adults are very publicly analyzing photos of a fifteen-year-old girl who just tried to kill herself. So.

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So, I think this will be all we'll really say about this. There's no angle worth getting into — even continuing to criticize anyone else for how they cover the story would be further perpetuating public scrutiny of something that should really not be public, beyond maybe drawing some attention to the problems of mental health and suicide among adolescents. But, yeah, past that, there's only harm to be done in discussing a story like this in any public forum, right? Anyway. Sad thing.