Parents Have Fun With Selfies at Daughter's Expense


After her parents parodied her selfie collage with a copycat series of their own, college student Emily Musson admitted, “I guess this is funny.” (Photo: Twitter/emilymusson)

Flattery wasn’t exactly what Emily Musson’s parents were going for when they imitated a Facebook collage of selfies that the teen took with her boyfriend, Johnny.

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Nancy and Craig Musson’s photo series — hysterically mimicking their college student daughter’s with her flame of a few weeks — is more snarky send-up than homage, a point the coed at LIM College in New York acknowledged when she shared the images on Twitter Tuesday. “My parents,” Emily wrote, “r actually on drugs or something.”


Photo: Twitter/emilymusson

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But plenty of others are enjoying the joke created by this couple of 28 years. Since Emily uploaded the images, they’ve been re-tweeted more than 49,000 times in less than four days.

“I mean I guess this is funny but not like over 30k favs funny,” she tweeted the following day. Emily explained to Cosmopolitan that “when it went viral I was confused,” adding, “Like yeah it’s funny but like it’s more interesting if you actually know my parents.”

The Connecticut parents aren’t natural social media stars, Emily told Buzzfeed. “My dad is sort of conservative, so it’s interesting she got him to participate,” Emily said of her parents. Her mother has also taken to Twitter to remark on the images.

“For my children who always thought I was boring, embarrassing, or dorky, I am Trending!!!,” Nancy wrote Thursday. “Get over yourself. Hoo ya! …#momsarecool” And before hashtagging herself #embarrassingmom in another note, she declared on Twitter, “To every parent; your children may be embarrassed by you today, but will understand and appreciate you tomorrow.”

Not surprisingly, Emily told Cosmopolitan that her mother thinks her newfound popularity is “hilarious and claims she wants to be on Dancing with the Stars.“ As for Emily’s new love, Johnny, the coed told BuzzFeed that he hasn’t even met her parents face to face yet. “Poor kid.”

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