Parents Furious Over Woman Seen Twerking With Her Cheeks Out At Michigan High School

Parents are disgusted following a charity event at a Macomb County High School gymnasium in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

Over the weekend, Rivals Recruiting Worldwide, a marketing service founded by Quentin Hines, a former NFL player and graduate of the school, hired performers to entertain guests. One guest, in particular, rapper O.T. Rell left viewers extremely uncomfortable.

School officials are outraged after a video clip surfaced on social media showing the rapper performing with his shirt off alongside his background dancer, dressed in lingerie.

Hines hired the rapper to perform during the charity event and conveyed he wasn’t aware of the performer’s plans.

“I don’t think she was a stripper,” Hines said. “She was one of his dancers, and she was underdressed. It’s unacceptable.”

Christine Browning, a mother of a Mount Clemens High School senior, said she doesn’t believe the underdressed woman was a “dancer” like Hines insists.

Matt Pitters, a ’98 graduate said he was “appalled” by the performance.

“The club promoters … I don’t fault them. It’s the fault of, you know, our school leaders,” Pitters said.

Hines was the promoter behind the 20 artists featured event, including O.T. Rell. Renting the school gym for $2,000, Hines has taken full responsibility for what took place.

“There’s a lot of… local singers and rappers, R&B artists that want to get their name out there, and they donate to our charity to be able to perform,” Hines said. “And we try to provide them with an opportunity to potentially gain more fans.”

On the other hand, O.T. Rell is singing a different tune than Hines, revealing that he knew the woman would be attending with him, abc7 Detroit reports.

“they knew that the stripper was coming because I said it numerous times,” O.T Rell said.

Pitters shared he was confused and more upset at the school officials for not intervening during the performance.

“I would expect that even if the facilities were in use from a third party,” he said. “But there would be some representative from the school that would be there to monitor what was going on. And if something inappropriate was happening, to take action to stop it.”

Superintendent Monique Beels said she was “appalled and disgusted” after watching the footage in the gym.

“I just hurt for our schools and our community and our kids that something like this would have occurred at our school,” she said.

“the application was for a charity event, it was to be a Sweetest Day musical event and talent show,” she added. “That’s what we were told it was, and we have rented to this person before; we had no reason to think that anything inappropriate would take place. Nothing ever had in the past.”

Superintendent Beels wrote in a district letter that the school will no longer work with Rivals Recruiting Worldwide and revealed the company is banned from using their facilities in the future now that their trust was broken.