Show Your Love with a Heart of Paper Curls

This DIY is just so pretty, we can’t help but share with you how to make it! Sometimes, all you need for a great craft is the basics - paper, pencil and a little bit of glue.  This heart made of paper curls makes the perfect gift for a friend, loved one or perhaps for mom, instead of the usual card on Mother’s Day. 

For mere pennies, you can create this stunning heart of rosettes by simply wrapping strips of paper around a pencil - it doesn’t get any easier (or prettier) than that!


  • Colored paper

  • 1 piece of Card Stock


  • Scissor

  • Hot glue gun

  • Bamboo skewer (or similar)

  • Pencil


1. Cut 1”-1 1/2” straight strips of colored paper about 6”-8” long.

2. Wrap a strip of paper tightly around the skewer or pencil, depending on the desired tightness of the paper curl, spinning the skewer as you go.  Repeat with several strips. You want them to be varied. Set aside.

3. Cut a paper circle at least 4” in diameter, then cut a spiral from the outside to the center of circle.

4. Wrap the paper spiral around the pencil, keeping the inside side tight.  This will make a rosette. Repeat several times.

5. Hot glue the center of the rosettes to keep from unraveling.

6. Cut a heart shape base out of the card stock.

7. Begin building your wreath with a clump of rosettes towards the middle, by hot glueing them down to base.

8. Continue gluing paper curls and rosettes from the center clump until the entire base is covered and makes a heart shape.

Hint: You can glue an outside perimeter of curls around the heart, just off the base, so the light shines through and shows off the wound up paper curls.

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