Panasonic unveils new 20-inch tablet

Eric Pfeiffer
Yahoo! News

For most tablet users, smaller is better. Handheld devices like the iPad Mini and the Kindle Fire HD have taken the commercial market by storm with screens well under 10 inches.

But at CES, Panasonic unveiled a 20-inch 4K tablet that is specially designed to appeal to architects, graphic designers or anyone who wants a larger screen on the go.

“It’s designed as a commercial product,” Aaron Fowles, Manager of Corporate Relations for Panasonic America, told Yahoo News. “But it will particularly appeal to architects, graphic designers and photographers.”

Fowles said the tablet’s HD digital pen (Anoto live pen) allows designers and architects to collaborate in real-time with other designers and save their work on the cloud.

The 4K tablet is specifically designed to run on Windows 8. While Fowles said there is no set price or release date for the 4K tablet, analysts expect it to be on sale sometime in the second half of 2013.

The tablet’s oversized dimensions 18.7-by-13.1-by-.04 inches allow users to recreate the dimensions of real-life newspapers, magazines or large sized photographs, simulating the effect of a paper or photo print presentation.

And the tablet’s IPS panel display is capable texture rich rendering, “natural handwriting,” and displays for times the resolution of standard high definition.

Some more specifications on the 4K tablet:

  • Ÿ20 inch IPS panel
  • ŸIntel Corei5 1.8GHz processor Ÿ
  • 128GB storage 
  • Equipped with a camera (HD 720p Max 1280x720 pixel front)
  • ŸWeighs 5.3 lbs. Ÿ
  • Two hours of battery life when not plugged into an outside power source