Paddock's Girlfriend Used Two Social Security Numbers and Was Married to Two Men at the Same Time

Las Vegas Gunman Stephen Paddock's Girlfriend Had Fingerprints on His Ammunition, Documents Show

Marilou Danley, the live-in girlfriend of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock, and now a "person of interest" in the shooting investigation, is a Philippines native who has used two Social Security numbers during her two-plus decades in the United States, and was married to two men at the same time, public records show.

The person who may hold the key to solving the mystery of why the Vegas gunman killed 59 and wounded nearly 600 people led a convoluted life of her own, with two simultaneous husbands, a bankruptcy, two Social Security numbers, multiple addresses in several states and even different ages depending on which state records you review.

The details are part of a Newsweek investigation into Danley's past, which takes on a new urgency now that the FBI is frantically working to bring her "immediately" back from overseas for more information about the shooting and the $100,000 Paddock wired to her family there days before the shooting.

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The records show conflicting details under multiple identities:

Marilou came to the U.S. as Marilou Natividad, married Geary Danley in 1990 and took his surname. Danley, 76, lives in Arkansas, but he has declined to answer questions.

In 1996, Marilou wed Jose Bustos, and became Marilou Bustos. But she did not dissolve her marriage to Danley until 2015, divorce records show.

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Both marriage licenses were filed in Clark County, which includes the city of Las Vegas, even though the Danleys lived in Tennessee and Arkansas around the time of their marriage, and the Bustoses lived in California. Marilou also has a daughter, currently living in California, but it is unclear whether one of her husbands, or another man, fathered the child.

In California, her name is registered as Marilou Natividad-Bustos and her birthday is listed as January 1962, making her 55 years old. Under a different Social Security number in Nevada, her name is Marilou Lou Danley and her birthday is listed as December 1954, making her 62.

At times, her identities merged: Marilou filed for bankruptcy in 2012, under the name Bustos, while she was still married to Danley and living with Paddock in Reno. Her lawyer during the bankruptcy has not yet responded to a request for comment. Marilou travels back to California often to visit her daughter there, Reno neighbors told Newsweek.

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Marilou held multiple addresses, some simultaneously—in Arkansas, Tennessee, California, Florida and other states, and often moved through cities within those states.

Though the police initially cleared Marilou of any involvement in Sunday night's shooting, on Tuesday, Sheriff Joe Lombardo called her a "person of interest" in the investigation again at a briefing in Las Vegas.

It is rare for an individual to have multiple Social Security numbers, though it is legal to get a new one issued if the first one has "been misused" in a way that caused hardship, a 2014 report from the Social Security Administration said. There have been a few instances in which new immigrants to the U.S. end up with two Social Security numbers: once when they entered the country and once when they applied through an SSA office.

Newsweek has reached out to Marilou’s ex-husbands, family, and neighbors at her various residences. Two neighbors in Reno, who knew her under the name "Danley" while she lived with Paddock, on Monday called her and Paddock recluses who often left their home for extended periods of time.

A federal immigration spokesperson declined to comment, citing Marilou's "privacy rights." An FBI spokesperson referred questions to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, which did not respond to a request for comment. The Social Security Administration did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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