The New 'Pacific Rim' Trailer Has Even More Giant Robots and Giant Monsters

Esther Zuckerman

Today we are pleased to show you in great big detail the latest glimpse at Guillermo Del Toro's entry into the summer movie fanfare, Pacific Rim. Do you know what it has? It has robots. It has robots fighting monsters. A voice over explains that the monster from the deep—the Kaiju—has attacked places like San Francisco. That was before the humans decided to create the Jaeger program. (Not to be confused with the Jägerbomb. Fighting gigantic monsters would be hard with one of those.) 

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As said voiceover explains: "two pilots, our minds, our memories connected and man and machine become one." That translates to giant robots. Giant robots in front of tiny people: 

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Giant robots in water. 

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Giant robots running at giant monsters.

Giant robots with blade arms.

You see, it's simple: Giant robots are the answer. Watch the full trailer here.