Oyster researcher stars in billboard exhibition

The billboard that features Prof Tom Cameron sat on a boat
Prof Tom Cameron works with oystermen from Mersea to help restore shellfish levels [John Sturrock photography]

A leading University of Essex ecologist has become a billboard star at one of Britain’s busiest railway stations.

Prof Tom Cameron has undertaken research on Mersea Island, near Colchester, to help protect the county's native oysters.

His work was selected by science journal Nature to feature as part of its billboard campaign at London Kings Cross.

“It is great to be recognised in this way alongside such a diverse pool of scientists from around the world," Prof Cameron said.

The displays were created by Nature to celebrate scientists from across the globe who challenged stereotypes about the work they were doing.

The Silberrad Centre at the University of Essex
Prof Tom Cameron is a researcher at the university's school of life sciences [View Pictures/Getty Images]

Prof Cameron worked closely with oystermen from Mersea and across the UK to help restore the shellfish living in the waters.

The population has plummeted by 95% over the past 200 years due to historical over-fishing, habitat loss and pollution.

Prof Cameron, of the university's school of life sciences, said it was an honour to have been selected for the outdoor photo exhibition.

"Sharing the diversity of backgrounds of people in science helps to make sure that it is accessible to all," he said.

"The work we do in my group involves working with people to deliver conservation gains for habitats and wildlife via investment in habitat restoration or improved policies on issues."

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