I own guns for protection. Everyday Americans should not be allowed to have AR-15s

We must return to Trump’s policies

What the Biden administration is allowing at the border is reprehensible. A country that can’t secure its border is no longer a sovereign nation.

The people of Texas are bearing the costs, and we did not get a say in how this was handled. This could be stopped with a return to the policies of President Donald Trump. The stain sits on President Joe Biden’s desk.

- Tom Purgason, Arlington

People come here for the work

Even in the draconian Donald Trump years, the United States aimed to issue almost 1.8 million immigrant visas. There is a simple solution to the influx of impoverished economic migrants who are neither bona fide asylum seekers nor legitimate candidates for citizenship: We should dramatically increase the number of H-2A temporary farm worker visas and expand the H-2B non-agricultural visas to include categories such as construction and food processing in which workers in the country illegally are already employed.

Illegal employment is the magnet attracting Central Americans desperate to improve their livelihoods. Let’s make their employment legal so they can send money back home to their families.

- George W. Aldridge, Arlington

Liberals need an immigration reset

Aside from streamlining the process, we don’t need “immigration reform.” What we need is for liberals to reform their attitude toward enforcement of immigration laws and a reduction of liberal-inspired incentives for people to enter this country illegally.

And when President Joe Biden’s actions regarding immigration blow up in his face, as they are now, he needs to stop blaming former President Donald Trump.

- Judy Jones, Fort Worth

What’s Abbott’s priority?

I read Thursday’s story, “Abbott promises to protect firearms.” (2A) Too bad Gov. Greg Abbott won’t promise to protect people.

- Sandra Sparks, Hurst

A machine with just one purpose

An assault weapon such as an AR-15 has 10 times the killing power of a handgun because of the incredible speed of the bullet. It is designed to kill, not wound. A high-capacity magazine compounds the chaos.

I will always have my shotgun and snub-nosed .38 revolver for protection, but I really don’t need a killing machine. I hope further sales of this weapon are prohibited. Assault weapons belong in the hands of police and the military — nobody else.

- Bill Hodges, Colleyville

I know which need I put first

I get that there will always be those who want to plow down crowds of people. People who are filled with hatred or who are mentally unstable are an unfortunate aspect of the human condition.

What I cannot comprehend is why private citizens are allowed to have assault weapons. Are their guns really more important than humanity and common sense? What’s more important: somebody’s “need” for an assault rifle or the good of society?

Is this insanity really acceptable to them? Hasn’t it come to a point where something must be done?

- Susan Elizabeth Nus, Fort Worth

History has tax cut lessons

Michael R. Strain’s March 21 op-ed argues that increasing corporate income taxes would lead to lower wages for workers. (5C, “Would Biden’s tax hike really spare the middle class? Nope”) So, cutting the corporate income tax rate should result in increased wages, right? That’s not what happened after the 2017 tax reform law that reduced corporate tax rates from 35% to 21%.

Strain says that’s because it “takes time” for the effects of the tax cuts to manifest themselves. Three years is apparently not enough.

Even if he’s right, someone has to pay the taxes. If corporations pay less, individual taxpayers have to pay more.

- Dee Potter, Fort Worth

Why is it all in a name?

Why is it that the people who stormed the Capitol in January are being called a “mob” or “domestic terrorists” while the people who burned and looted businesses and took over police stations are called “protesters”?

- Vicki Tidwell, Weatherford