You Can Own a 30-Room Mansion for $30K (Of Course, There’s a Catch)

At $29,900, this historic mansion in New Hampshire is priced to move, literally.

There’s no missing zero and this isn’t one of those beautiful-yet-falling-apart fixer-uppers like the partially-preserved, partially-destroyed Woolworth’s Mansion in Scranton, Pennsylvania or the rundown Oscar Mayer house outside Chicago.

This historic mansion in Manchester, New Hampshire looks fairly well maintained with intricate stained glass windows and ornate woodworking all for a low, low price.

But with a price that low, there’s a catch: You have to move it.

The 10,000-square-foot George B. Chandler home must be lifted off its foundation and moved from its current location. The Diocese of Manchester, which owns the building and formerly used it as a home for a bishop and then nuns, wants the aging parishioners at St. Hedwig Parish next door to have easier access to worship, according to a report from WMUR News 9 in Manchester. The area will be turned into a parking lot.

Wanting to respect its historic value and allow the building to see new life somewhere else, the church is hoping its price will bring buyers out of the woodwork that are willing to make the big move.

Real estate agent Greg Barrett of Kas-Bar Realty told WMUR that moving the house locally could cost around $200,000 to $300,000, but with the house valued at around $639,900, that’s still heavily discounted.

We should mention that the house is being sold as-is, so conditions may vary from what we see in the listing photos, but what we can see is pretty darn lovely.

(All photos from Kas-Bar Realty)