Owensboro City Commission digest for March 8, 2023

Mar. 8—At its Tuesday meeting, the Owensboro City Commission took the following actions:

—Proclaimed Feb. 28 "Rare Disease Day."

—Received an Owensboro Municipal Utilities update from OMU General Manager Tim Lyons.

—Approved board appointments.

—Held first reading of an ordinance approving and adopting OMU electric rates.

—Held first reading of an ordinance establishing pay rates and a compensation plan for city employees.

—Held first reading of an ordinance, amending the city's smoking ordinance to allow smoking in certain limited public spaces where air purification technology is used in segregated spaces.

—Approved a municipal order to declare 1602 East 18th St. surplus property, so it can be transferred to L&S Homes LLC.

—Approved a municipal order conveying property at 200 Williamsburg Square to Regional Water Resource Agency.

—Approved a municipal order amending the city's agreement with Ellis Entertainment LLC, by which Ellis Entertainment will meet certain payroll requirements in order to receive city incentives.

—Approved promotions.