Dreamy Crepe Paper Flowers


Even the smallest flower girl will make a big, big entrance when she carries a Wonderland-size blossom down the aisle. This rosette is a cinch to assemble and can be made in myriad colors.

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Small and large petal templates
Crepe paper
Wooden dowel or stick
Floral tape
Spray paint (optional)


1. Print and cut out the small and large petal templates. Trace templates onto crepe paper and cut out with scissors. You will need 5 small petals and 10 large petals.

2. To make the bud, tightly roll a small petal around the dowel and secure base with floral tape. Repeat with the remaining small petals.

3. Layer the large petals around base bud in the same fashion as the small petals, making sure you rotate stem as you work to evenly distribute petals. Once all petals are in place, cover entire dowel with floral tape.

4. Shape petals by curling their top edges over a pencil and ruffling with fingers. To add dimension, hold flower by stem at arm’s length and lightly dust petal edges with spray paint in a color similar to the crepe paper.

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