Nearly 4,000 volunteers roll up their sleeves during the 2nd annual One Seattle Day of Service

During the 2nd annual One Seattle Day of Service on Saturday, nearly 4,000 volunteers rolled up their sleeves to clean up the El Centro de la Raza Center in Beacon Hill, according to Mayor Bruce Harrell.

The day is focused on beautifying neighborhoods across the city.

“Joining together a diverse group of public, private, and non-profit partners and organizations, we will provide a wide array of service opportunities including cleaning and beautification, gardening and restoration, helping neighbors in need, and more,” said the City.

Volunteers were joined by Mayor Bruce Harrell and City Councilmembers.

Activities included trash collecting, gardening, and re-surfacing the playground.

“We got a beautiful day, many of you could do whatever you do on beautiful days, but look what you chose to do, you chose to help and give back. But to me, that’s Seattle at its best and I say El Centro this is where the magic comes,” said Mayor Harrell.

This year, 26 service events took place at parks throughout the city.