Today only: Get two best-selling Tushy bidets for $69 each with this promo code — $60 in savings

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Bathroom gadgets made quite the splash in 2020, and nothing's changed in 2021. Bidets became one of the top-selling home items in recent memory. Because physical bidets can be a bit pricey and cumbersome for smaller bathrooms, most folks no longer entertain the idea of owning one.

Providing the accessibility and convenience of a bidet for everyone, TUSHY has designed a simple device that gives any toilet bowl bidet functionalities.

The brand created two best-selling products — the TUSHY Classic and the TUSHY Spa — that easily clip onto your toilet and spritz your bum with a pressure-adjustable stream of water to ensure everything is clean and fresh after you've finished, umm, relieving yourself. And today only (June 9), buy two or more TUSHY bidets and get each for $69. To get the deal, all you have to do is apply the promo code "SIXNINEDAY" at checkout.

Shop: TUSHY Classic 3.0 Bidet, $99 (Orig. $129)

Credit: TUSHY
Credit: TUSHY

This means you get two TUSHY Classic 3.0 bidets for a total of $138 instead of the standard retail price of $198. That's $60 off!

Shop: TUSHY Spa Temperature Control Bidet, $119 (Orig. $149)

Credit: TUSHY
Credit: TUSHY

The three-step installation process takes just 10 minutes. All you'll need to do is remove your toilet seat, connect the TUSHY to your clean water supply, then place the seat back on top. A nozzle from the attached TUSHY device will now be visible and available to spray whenever you're ready.

Users can control the device's stream with a nozzle adjuster and pressure control dial.

TUSHY also fits all standard toilets and some one-piece toilets. For added convenience, it also does not require electricity or additional plumbing to operate smoothly.

It should be worth noting that both models feature a self-cleaning nozzle, with the TUSHY Spa exclusively including a 9-foot hot water connection, which enables the gadget to release warm or cool clean water "like a cleansing hug," as the site explains. Your toilet must be located next to your sink, however, in order to access the heat for this feature.

Credit: TUSHY
Credit: TUSHY

Shoppers clearly love the experience TUSHY provides, with the product lineup boasting almost 12,000 five-star reviews.

"I'd never had or used a bidet and now I am a fan. I am 75 years old and installed it myself," one customer wrote.

"I love my TUSHY Toilet!! Feels great, works great and I'm conserving toilet paper and wet wipes, therefore saving the environment one flush at a time!" another customer added.

Another reviewer even said the TUSHY Classic "forever changed" him "for the better."

"I can't understand how I lived so long with my head in the sand," he wrote. "I bought this same model for my sister and brother-in-law and I would, and do, recommend it to everyone. Just do it, you won't regret it."

One shopper said that connecting the device to her hot water source “was a bit of a project.” In the end, however, “it was really worth it” and she now “needs one for every toilet.”

While TUSHY appears to be one of the most loved, there are other bidet attachments on the market. However, shoppers seem to enjoy that TUSHY comes in a sleeker form and an assortment of nine color options to suit any bathroom decor and aesthetic.

Also, in contrast to alternatives, TUSHY gives its users the option to adjust the water temperature — a feature that hundreds of shoppers appreciate.

Keep in mind that this is a one-day deal. Use the promo code "SIXNINEDAY" at checkout to get two or more TUSHY bidets for $69 each — that's $60 in savings.

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