Mike Tyson steals mock debate spotlight

Mike Krumboltz

Yahoo! and Funny or Die have teamed up to produce a very special mock debate for the Republican presidential candidates. The video, which you can watch here, has Patrick Warburton as Rick Perry, Horatio Sanz as Newt Gingrich, and John C. McGinley as Rick Santorum, to name a few. But while all those guys have plenty of comedy to mine, none can touch Mike Tyson doing his best Herman Cain impression..

But while Iron Mike is an experienced actor (no, really), not even the heavyweight hitter is immune from goofing up a few of his lines. Check out some of the outtakes from Tyson yuking it up. He's got some trouble with the words "Tulsa" and "Oklahoma," knocks his desk around a bit, imitates a parrot, and, well, we think it's called dancing. Just kidding, Mike. Please don’t hit us.

Watch the full debate video here.