Was Otto Warmbier Set Up? Roommate Doesn't Believe U.S. Student Did Anything Wrong

For the first time, Otto's Warmbier’s roommate on that ill-fated trip to North Korea is speaking out, saying that he believes the man was wrongfully arrested a year and a half ago as they boarded a plane home.

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Warmbier was accused of ripping a propaganda poster from a wall in the country and was sentenced to prison in early 2016. He was sent home to America this week in a coma from which doctors say he may never recover.

Now, some believe a video that allegedly shows Warmbier ripping down the poster is not the American student at all. Danny Gratton, a British man who was Warmbier's roommate on the trip, is one of them.

"In my heart of hearts, the guy I knew for three or four days was not that type of guy,” he told Inside Edition. “He never mentioned anything remotely like that. We had already bought some souvenirs.”

Gratton witnessed North Korean security officers putting his American friend under arrest at the airport as they boarded a plane.

"He was tapped on the shoulder by a guard," Gratton said. "No words were spoken. We got on so well that I sort of laughed, ‘We might not see you again!’ Of course I didn’t realize the irony of them words."

Meanwhile, the tour company that arranged the trip is now coming under fire.

Young Pioneers Tours sold the North Korean tour as the destination "your mother wants you to stay away from."

The website even claimed North Korea is "extremely safe!" and claims "tourists are cherished and well taken care of."

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Doctors are now trying to solve the mystery of how the 22-year-old University of Virginia student was left in a coma.

The North Koreans said it was botulism combined with a sleeping pill, an explanation that doctors have ruled out. They also do not believe he was beaten.

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