OSHA demanding vaccines is another government overreach

Letter to the Editor

I wanted to thank Rep. Tim Walberg for standing against the obvious overreach of the federal government.

Using OSHA to demand compliance to COVID-19 vaccinations is only the latest workaround of constitutional limits on governmental power and is similar to Gov. Whitmer’s response when her mandates were struck down by the Michigan Supreme Court. When will this end?

When OSHA “suggests” that this newest tactic will only be in effect for six months it reminds me of the phrase “flatten the curve.” The numbers seem to show that even those who have received the jab will require a “booster” every few months because the protection wears off. Since the start of this pandemic we have seen our God-given freedoms dwindle away.

The democratic machine continues to do their best at undercutting the foundation of this great country where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the rallying call. We should all be grateful to Rep. Walberg for his courage to hold the line against Biden’s latest attempts to restrict our nation’s economic strength and personal freedoms.

Cary Coleman


This article originally appeared on The Daily Telegram: Letter: OSHA demanding vaccines is another government overreach