Orlando lawyer and mother left her kids at home to run an SUV into their father’s house

Disbarment has been recommended for an Orlando lawyer who rammed her Land Rover into her ex-husband’s house, told his girlfriend, “I will kill you, b----!” and spat on police officers.

Court documents say 40-year-old Francine Bogumil later texted her ex-husband, “S---- bout to get ugly.”

All this violated several laws, court orders as well as the standards for behavior by a member of the Florida Bar, of which Bogumil has been a member since 2006.

As for the criminal matters, Bogumil pleaded no contest and was found guilty of one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; one count of assault on a law enforcement officer, one count of domestic violence battery, two counts of violating a domestic violence restraining order, and two counts of criminal mischief. She is doing 51 weeks in the Orange County Jail, which will be followed by a year of community control and two years of modified probation.

The state Supreme Court suspended Bogumil and ordered a referee to make a discipline recommendation. The referee, 19th Judicial Circuit Judge Daryl Jay Isenhower, posted his report last week in which he recommended “immediate disbarment.”

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Domestic demolition, domestic violence

Bogumil didn’t get hit with any child neglect charges, though she left her 5-year-old and 11-year-old children at home alone for her middle-of-the-night automotive assault on her ex-husband’s home. Perhaps proximity prevented prosecution — her ex-husband and his girlfriend lived only a half-mile from Francine Bogumil’s home.

They already had restraining orders against Francine Bogumil as the clock turned to the wee hours of April 30, 2020. Around 3:30 a.m., Francine Bogumil smashed her Land Rover into the back of a rented white GMC Yukon in her ex-husband’s driveway. That sent the GMC SUV into the garage door, “bending it inward about 2 to 3 feet.”

Bogumil’s ex-husband came out of the house to see his ex-wife hurling objects at his girlfriend’s BMW sedan, shattering the windows. He told Orange County sheriff’s deputies after calling 911, he went outside to get between his girlfriend and former wife. He admitted responding to Bogumil’s two slaps to his face with a slap to her face.

Just before police arrived, the girlfriend said Francine Bogumil yelled at her, “I will kill you, b----!”

Her interaction with the arriving Orange County deputies seemed no less belligerent. After a deputy told her to stop shouting at him while he was talking to her ex-husband, Bogumil said, “No. F--- you!” and spat at him, according to the report.

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Just not following orders

Francine Bogumil posted bond on May 3, 2020, and walked out of jail with the standard no-contact orders in place. And she violated them by May 9, 2020.

Court document say not only did she contact her ex-husband, but she left a social media messages for his girlfriend, including one that said, “next is your mom and pops. I’d back the f--- off if I were u. Just saying. You’ve been warned to stay away from my kids.”

A motion from prosecutors to have Francine Bogumil’s bond revoked wasn’t ruled on by Judge Julie O’Kane later in May 2020, who instead ordered Francine Bogumil to an inpatient treatment program.

Court documents include a November flier Francine Bogumil made and threatened to post at the local Starbucks, Publix and anywhere she could. The flier included a picture of the two kids, a picture of their father without referring to him as such and saying their mother hadn’t seen them since May 4.

The ensuing text messages say, “And each and every day as my heart bleeds without my kids, your life will become uglier and uglier because this is YOUR choice...you want war, you’ve got WAR…I chose peace…you didn’t oblige. You can blame yourself because I’m JUST getting started with the ways I can ruin u…I WILL f--- up your world up unless you surrender. I’m not backing down this time. S---- bout to get ugly.”

Bogumil was rearrested on Nov. 25.