Oreo Bagels are a hole-in-one for breakfast lovers everywhere


It's a cookies n' cream cheese dream. 

The Bagel Nook's "Oreo Overload Bagels" are taking over social media for their drool-worthy cookie insides and outsides. 

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Step aside, rainbow bagels. 

The decadent breakfast treat from Freehold, New Jersey, is made up of a vanilla-chocolate swirled bagel, smothered in cookies-n-cream-flavored cream cheese with full Oreo cookies in the middle, according to Metro

Clearly, milk's favorite cookie is now breakfast's favorite bagel. 

The Bagel Nook is also home to several other sugar-coma-inducing breakfast cereal throwbacks like Coco Puff Bagels and Cap N' Crunch Bagels. 

Who else is heading to Jersey tomorrow morning?