Opinion: As Rick Scott takes the governor's reins in Florida, residents' concerns continue

Rushelle O'Shea
Yahoo! Contributor Network

The mudslinging has come to a rest (for the time being) and a new governor takes the reins in Florida. Of course, when dealing with a new face, voters always have a few concerns. Here are mine.

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Can Florida's economy be improved?

"Mom, you should take a break" That's what my son always suggest -- that I need to take things easier and that I stress too much. But truth be told, I can't help it. Between the high cost of living in the Tampa Bay area, unexpected medical expenses and the fact that I have no job security where I'm currently employed, my family is currently living paycheck to paycheck. This leads me to one of the top questions and concerns that many Florida residents now wonder: Will our new governor, Rick Scott, hold true to his campaign promises and bring more jobs to Florida?

How deadlocked will things become?

"Florida Today" recently published an article about how Scott may be in for a big political culture shock when he tries to implement many of his new ideas. While Scott is a Republican and the Republican Party controls two-thirds of the state senate and the state house, many of these Republicans are the same ones that Scott spoke out against throughout his campaign. Needless to say, another question that needs to be raised is whether Scott will encounter a big brick wall when he tries to pass proposals that don't meet the GOP agenda.

What are the plans for health care?
This is another big one for many Florida residents. With two hospital stays within the last three months and an upcoming surgery, health care reform frightens me almost as much as not having health care at all. I simply can't afford more bills. Will health care ever truly be affordable to those of low income, and will there ever come a time when we don't have to weigh our options between taking on another medical bill vs. the risk of leaving current medical conditions untreated?

We hope that Scott can and will follow through on his campaign promises and pray that Florida will make a change for the better. At this point, we watch and wait. Hopefully our new governor will not disappoint.