OPD gives update on possible gunshots

Nov. 7—Oneonta police said Tuesday they have not found evidence of a firearm discharge in the city.

Police had earlier reported they were investigating a noise complaint in the area of Spruce Street and Myrtle Avenue at about 11:28 p.m. Oct. 28 when they heard what sounded like a report from a firearm.

Officers responded to the area that they believed the report came from and began an investigation, a media release said. Officers from the State Police, Oneonta Police and State University Police at Oneonta took part. A search did not reveal evidence of a firearms discharge.

During the canvass of the area, more than a dozen potential witnesses were contacted and leads were assigned to the detective division.

Police said Tuesday the investigation revealed that there had been a conflict at a party with all involved ending up on Spruce Street. One man was said to have pulled something from his mid-section and discharged it at close range toward another man. No witnesses described seeing a handgun.

"Given the distance of the discharge, number of people in the proximity, and lack of evidence of a projectile, those involved in the investigation do not believe that this was a functioning firearm," the release said. It is believed the person responsible for the incident fled the area and is currently somewhere in the New York City metropolitan region.

Police said they will continue the investigation "until all leads are exhausted."

"As this is an active and ongoing inquiry no additional information will be released," the release said.

Anyone with details regarding the incident is asked to call the Oneonta Police Department at 607-432-1111.